"I say with 100% sincerity that this project would not have had near the success had it not been for the professionalism and skill set your team offered."

"Out of all of the subs on the job he [AMS Project Manager] was the best at preparing change orders, the best at preparing submittals, the best at writing RFI's, the best at communicating, the best at problem-solving, and the best team member. No one else compared to his level of thoroughness on all of those items. As a result, AMS was the superstar of the job in my mind."


"I would like to say that I am very impressed with the installation of piping and chillers. Great job!"

"Holland Hospital as well as our team at Lakewood/Elzinga is very pleased with your great work on the Ortho/Spine Project. This was a very challenging project on many levels and we couldn't have completed it without the help of your team. Thank you for all that you do! We're looking forward to working with you on future projects!"

"Allied Mechanical continues to demonstrate its capabilities for design, design assist, budgeting, and execution. You are a trusted partner on our projects, and I do not hesitate in recommending your services to others."

"I look forward to many more projects in the future because your team's quality and attention to details make my designs shine. During all of these projects over the years, no matter what the size, AMS personnel from the office staff to the trades have always presented themselves in an extremely professional manner and outstanding performance in everything they were involved with. I use AMS as the standard to which I gauge the performance of other MEP contractors." - PAB Engineering